Ijekyll   29 Dec 2011

My newly deployed blog is here ... HELLO WORLD from Jekyll!!! Yehaaaaa! And here is a code snippet to give you a taste of the syntax highlighting that I'll use from now on:

1   module Alup
2     class BrainFaq
3       def self.talk
4         p "Hello World"
5       end
6     end
7   end
8   Alup::BrainFaq.talk

I migrated my blog site from wordpress to jekyll because I like the workflow implied from the latter. First of all, by using jekyll I can write my blog posts in my desktop text editor (read vim). This is very important for me cause I want to edit posts in a offline manner and I can use the conveniences and tools of vim directly, without depending on the WYSIWYG editor of WP. I also like that static files can be served directly from the web server without the need of an extra layer of processing like dynamic blog engines. It’s just HTML/CSS, so it runs everywhere and you never have to upgrade anything. Now, deploying and publishing is just a command like git push origin(together with a git hook for post-receive) or rsync -avz ...

So I welcome you to my new blogging environment! I would be glad if you drop me a line or two to comment on my posts or to give new ideas.

FYI, I will probably come up with a new blog post to explain in detail what are the technologies and tools involved in this blog web site.